Round three of Wots On in West Wickham

On Saturday 9 April we took part for the third year running in the annual WOT’S ON IN WEST WICKHAM.

“WOT’S ON” is organised by the West Wickham Rotary Club and is designed to showcase and increase membership of the wide range of different activities available in the area. Participating groups include theatre performers, dance and sports clubs as well as other organisations such as the scuba diving club, the Scouts, wine circle, photography society and many others.

Chris and Mark manned the Knights of Fire stand and spent three hours talking to visitors about what we do and how the fireworks industry has changed, with a lot of visitors talking about “the gold old days” when fireworks were noisier (yes, really) and members of the public could still buy shells for their own displays.   Below are our team photos!

Mark Wots on West Wickham 2016

Chris Wots On West Wickham 2016