Out in the fields of Club Langley on 5 November….

…. it was decidedly chilly out there yesterday while setting up and getting ready to go for the 22nd West Wickham Rotary Club annual fireworks display.   But the sun came out (briefly) and unlike previous years it DID NOT RAIN!  Hooray.    Had a fantastic and hugely appreciative crowd for the show which comprised tracks from Muze, Ellie King, Adele, David Bowie, and Prince.   Comments we overheard included: “very creative”, “great show”, and “amazing”.   Some photos below courtesy of Kevin Sealy.   Video to follow and we are at St David’s College this coming Saturday.

langley-fireworks-2016-041 langley-fireworks-2016-070 langley-fireworks-2016-096 langley-fireworks-2016-110 langley-fireworks-2016-111 langley-fireworks-2016-128 langley-fireworks-2016-136