So long…. and thanks for all the fireworks and fun

So… We have decided to wrap up Knights of Fire and call it a day from the end of 2016.   It has been great fun, working with some fantastic people and a great crew of John, Kevin, Mark, and Mark 2.   We’ve done some great displays – check out some examples of our work here – and are very proud of what we have achieved on the industry stage.

We are not disappearing.  All of us are available for crewing, particularly during that period of November when no one seems to have enough people….  Just contact us on the numbers or emails opposite.   We are experienced and very thorough.  Our approach has always been to get the planning and prep right – that way on the day of the display you can focus on getting the show done and dealing with the unexpected.

If you are thinking of having your own display then we are also very happy to provide informal advice to school PTAs, social clubs and others.  We have a lot of experience which we can share.

Have a great time.  Stay safe.

Nick and Chris

Nick Chase(L) Chris Hinze(R) Copyright Knights of Fire 2012