See Nick’s Swiss adventure in Fireworks magazine

Earlier this year Nick went to Switzerland.   Not for the cheese, the chocolate or the cuckoo clocks.   But for the pyrotechnics.   At the end of March he went to Sonnwendfeier 2015, one of the largest firework events in Europe.   Issue 68 of Fireworks magazine feature’s Nick’s write-up of this amazing event.    To find out more, you’ll need to read the magazine.   Go here to get your copy.

Sadly if you want to go and see the event for your self you’ll have to wait for three years – the next one is in 2018!

You can watch the awesomeness of the 2015 show below – enjoy!

See us at WOT’S ON IN WEST WICKHAM Saturday 18 April

Knights of Fire are back at this year’s WOT’S ON IN WEST WICKHAM, taking place from 9.30am to 1.00pm on Saturday 18 April 2015 at St Francis Church Hall, Ravenswood Avenue, West Wickham.   The first “WOT’S ON” last year drew in more than 100 visitors from across the borough.

We will be publicising our first Cat 3 training day for later this year – so come along and you will have priority booking for one of the limited places at this event.

“WOT’S ON” is organised by the West Wickham Rotary Club and is designed to showcase and increase membership of the wide range of different activities available in the area.  Participating groups include theatre performers, dance and sports clubs as well as other organisations such as the floral art group, sugarcraft club, wine circle, photography society, model railway club and Morris Dancers as well as some local businesses.   Refreshments will also be available.

According to the Rotary Club’s Christine Atkinson, the decision to run it for a second year was based on the wealth of positive comments it received in 2014.  She says: “There was a real community spirit and you could see genuine enthusiasm for what was on offer.  Imagine a university ‘freshers fair’ or speed dating for societies and you have a good idea for what the event is all about. ”

Phoenix Cowes Week Fireworks 2012

Firework Champions 2015…. we are in it!

We are really pleased to be one of the teams taking place in this year’s Firework Champions competition.    This brings together some of the best professional firework display companies from across the UK to battle it out at one of five beautiful venues in the Midlands and North of England. This is our first professional fireworks competition although we have previous experience…

We are going to be competing on Saturday 25 July 2015 at Newby Hall in Yorkshire under a tough set of rules covering the timing and amount of fireworks you can put into the display.   The evening features displays by us and by two of our [friends? competitors? sworn blood rivals?] Flashpoint Fireworks (veterans of the game) and Illusion Fireworks (newcomers like us) with a great finale display put on by the hosts of the competition, MLE Pyrotechnics.  It is going to be a great day out for everyone – crew and spectators alike.

Full details of the competition including tickets and camping availability can be found on the Newby Hall Firework Champions 2015 website and a taste of what’s on offer can be seen in the video below.

Newby Hall


20% extra free if you book your wedding display by 9 March

It is cold.   The weather is a bit rubbish.  So cheer yourself up.   If you’re planning your wedding and would like fireworks (of the good sort) then claim our special offer running on our Facebook page.  Simply click on the ‘Get Offer’ button and get in touch with us.   This is a limited offer promotion until 9 March and subject to our usual terms and conditions and the venue agreeing to have a display.   Prices can be found here.

WWRA Fireworks 3 June 02



LPGS fireworks finale close up from 2014

To brighten up your January!

When we were out doing our show at Langley Park School for Girls in November 2014 we put a camera close to the largest cakes and some of the mines we were using in the centre position.  This is what the last minute looked like when you are ten feet from the action… view at full screen and loud volume if you want to get the full immersion experience.