Wedding Fair at Bickley Manor – 24 Feb 2013

It was lovely to see everyone at the wedding fair today at Bickley Manor in Bickley…. organised by Wedding Services UK.  Many thanks to Jo for making everything so easy.  Who knew that so many people thought fireworks at a wedding were a good thing?

We’ve fired at Bickley Manor before and had lots of fun doing so.   See this post for more information.   We also filmed an unusual piece of footage at Bickley – the view from the firer’s perspective.  So if you want to see what it looks like from ‘our side’ then click here.




Out at Bickley Manor

Yesterday, Saturday 30 September, we fired a wedding display at Bickley Manor Hotel in, er, Bickley.   This is very close to where we are based and it was a perfect day for fireworks.  The skies were clear and sunny for the set-up and when night fell there was moonlight and almost no breeze at all.  Perfect.   If only all displays were like that.  A couple of photos below including two taken from the helmet camera showing the display from directly underneath.