Cracking nights in Caterham and at St David’s over the weekend

We had two great nights over the weekend – 2 & 3 November.  First off was the display on behalf of the Caterham Round Table at Caterham Dene on Saturday evening.  Very positive post-show comments from spectators gathered round the bonfire.  On the Sunday we returned to St David’s College in West Wickham for their annual display which drew the usual great reception from the crowd.  Photos and videos to follow when we’ve had time to draw breath.  Many thanks to all the crew.

Fireworks at St David’s College – November 2013

West Wickham’s St David’s College PTA has appointed the Knights of Fire to handle their 2013 fireworks display on Sunday 3 November.   The annual fireworks display is a very long-standing tradition of the school and it is where the Knights started their fireworks careers.  It is probably the largest private display in the area and we are delighted to be doing it this year.

St Davids Fireworks

Knights of Fire at Langley Park School for Girls 2013

It is always great to be invited back after a successful show.  With that in mind, we have been re-appointed to provide the fireworks display for the Rotary Club of West Wickham and the Langley Park School for Girls Parent/Staff Association on Saturday 9 November later this year.  Proceeds to St Christopher’s Hospice, other charities, community projects and the school.

For full details see the display’s website –

Gates open at 6pm with fireworks at approximately 7pm.   Adult tickets £6, Children (aged 16 or under) £3.50 (under 5s free).    Family advance tickets from Langley Park School for Girls, other supporting schools and Matthews Jewellers 22 – 24 High Street, West Wickham. On the gate tickets from 6pm on the day.

Hot food, drinks mulled wine and glow sticks available to purchase.

No parking is available on the school premises but there is plenty in surrounding roads. Please park considerately.

We had some fantastic feedback on last year’s show including some comments on Twitter:

“Amazing fireworks at Langley park school tonite loved it”

“Sparkle and glitter… tip top fireworks at Langley Park GS tonight”

Dambusters 70th Anniversary Commemorative Display for 617 Squadron Association

As you will have seen from previous web posts we were looking for somewhere to put on our Dambusters-themed display.  When we first decided to do the display, originally developed for a consumer fireworks competition back in 2011, we couldn’t have dreamed where we would end up.

On Saturday 18th May we put on the display at the 617 Squadron Association’s dinner to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Operation Chastise.  The audience included two veterans of the 1943 raid and after the display was over we were privileged to be introduced to one of them.  The display was described as a “fantastic and fitting tribute to the Dambusters” by the Association.

The display took place at the Petwood Hotel in Lincolnshire which served as the Squadron’s Officers’ mess between 1943-45.  Requisitioned by the RAF in 1942, originally Officers of 97 and 619 Squadrons were based at the Petwood. When it was decided that the 617 ‘Dambusters Squadron’ should be made into a special duties squadron which would work in isolation and secrecy, Woodhall airfield was selected as the operational base. So 619 Squadron was moved out of the Petwood and 617 Squadron was moved in. Today, the Squadron Bar hosts a range of memorabilia and tributes to Guy Gibson VC, Leonard Cheshire VC and their Officers.

A video of the display can be seen below along with some photos.  Various members of the Knights of Fire team had family who served in the air services during the second world war and they are now lost to us but the memories are very much still there. Our greatest thanks to both 617 Squadron Association and the Petwood Hotel for letting us be (a small) part of their day.

The display was designed by Nick with Kevin developing a truly outstanding musical tribute.

If you like the video or have been moved by the recent commemoration of Operation Chastise then please consider making a donation to the RAF Benevolent Fund.


Petwood Hotel Barnes Wallis Petwood Hotel Guy Gibson Flight Book Petwood Hotel Officers' Mess Petwood Hotel set up

Inside track from the Malta International Firework Festival

As previously reported, Nick took part in the Malta International Firework Festival on 28 April as a technical adviser on the Pyrosure electronic fireworks firing system, working alongside Pyrosure and the Tal-Gilju Fireworks Factory.   Their display involved more than 3,500 cues.   Firework companies competing in the 2013 event came from Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal as well as two Malta-based display companies.

Nick took a huge number of photos and these can be seen here.  Real behind the scenes stuff.

Nick was also able to film from both ‘ground zero’ inside the display as well as from the perspective of the audience and combined the two, creating the film below.  We’ve done this before and the results are fantastic for giving a real insight into what happens during the firing of a major show.  Enjoy.


Malta adventures for Knights of Fire

This coming weekend Nick is at the Malta International Firework Festival.  He has been invited by electronic fireworks firing system Pyrosure and tal-Ġilju of Mqabba to provide technical advice and assitance on the Pyrosure system which will be firing a 3000+ cue display at Golden Bay on Sunday 28th April.

This is the 12th international fireworks festival and is being held between April 26 and 30.  Fireworks companies competing in the 2013 event come from Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal as well as two Malta-based display companies.

Fireworks in Malta have a long tradition which is centuries old. Indeed the traditional craft of pyrotechnics in Malta goes back to the time of the Order of the Knights of St John – which we like given our name.  The Order used to celebrate their most important feasts and events with special pyrotechnic displays. Such firework displays were also used as an expression of rejoicing on special occasions, such as the election of a Grand Master or a Pope, as well as on the birth of a prince.

There are some 35 fireworks factories in Malta and double that number of towns and villages where firework displays are part of the traditional celebrations of patron saints.

The sheer scale and spectacle of the displays in the festival dwarf anything that are normally seen in the UK.  Displays will use 10 and 12 inch shells compared to the six inch shells that are the largest that are routinely used today in Britain.

The Maltese tourist authority has produced this promotional video for the event, which we thought you all might like to see and we will have plenty of photos to share.

All revv’d up… and nowhere to show?

Many thanks indeed to the Bromley Borough News  and to the Bromley News Shopper for running articles about our Dambusters-themed display that’s in search of a good home.

Their articles can be read here and here.  A simulation of the display can be found here on Vimeo.