Firework Champions 2015 – pulling it all together

You’ll have seen the various stories we’ve put up here and a vast number of photos and videos on our Facebook page and Twitter feed but we thought it would be great to pull it all together into one place.

We took part last Saturday in the Firework Champions event at Newby Hall. One of five similar events taking place across the midlands and north of England this summer. We were competing against two other companies – Illusion Fireworks and Flashpoint Fireworks. Illusion just squeaked it ahead of us by a handful of votes so we were very pleased with the result. A win would have been better but that’s life. Just wait until the next time…

We have some amazing photos and videos.

A full video of the display can be seen here

There were other videos shot, which you can see here (which includes some nice drone-filmed views of the display) and here.  And for the really keen, here is Nick’s pre-display interview and the promotional video for the Newby Hall 2015 competition. Enjoy!

We’ve also got some amazing photos which can be seen below and here thanks to Cris Matthews at Pyro Productions.

Thanks to everyone for all their support, particularly the guys and girls at Firework Crazy, The Fireworkers and Firework Empire for working with us, and to Pendragon Fireworks for the loan of some kit.  Particular thanks to Mike Knox at Evolved Pyrotechnics for letting us showcase his new firing system and to Mat Lawrence at MLE Pyrotechnics for organising the event. It was a great day out. The weather held out for us and all the displays were awesome.

KnightsOfFire-NewbyHall-008 KnightsOfFire-NewbyHall-001 KnightsOfFire-NewbyHall-019 KnightsOfFire-NewbyHall-002