St David’s College PTA display – Sunday 4 November at 5.30pm

For those coming to this year’s display please note that it is on Sunday this year not the Saturday. There is also an earlier start time – 5.30pm with the fireworks due to start at 6pm. The show has two halves so you have the opportunity to buy drinks and food during the mid show break. Tickets are £8 per person on the door.


Knights of Fire appointed to St David’s College for 2012

The Knights of Fire have been re-appointed to provide the annual fireworks display for St David’s College in West Wickham.  Members of the team have been firing the display for many years and it is one of the largest in the area and a valuable fundraiser for the school’s PTA.


Behind the scenes at St David’s 2010….

We were feeling a little inspired and we also had a volunteer cameraman.  So here is a brief film about what it looks like on the firing side of the firing line when setting up a professional display.  This is from St David’s College PTA display in West Wickham back in 2010 The video can be seen here or below:


St David’s College PTA 2010 Fireworks Setup from Nicholas Chase on Vimeo.